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Rafael Orta
Edward L. Stockton
Mohan Babu
Ann Stockton

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Rafael Orta

Senior Oracle Database Administrator
Certified Oracle 7.3, 8.0, 8i, 9i Database Administrator
12 Long Bridge Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 USA
Office 530-267-9342 Fax.(856)642-7679

            e-mail: Rafael.Orta@OraProfessionals.com



Commerce Bank  Senior Oracle DBA. 01/05 - Present.
Oraprofessionals.com Technical Manager / CTO 01/00 - Present.
Cornerstone IT Senior Oracle DBA.  02/04 - 01/05
Comverse Inc. Senior Oracle DBA.   11/01 - 02/04
Dimension Data    Enterprise Oracle Architect 11/00 – 11/01
Oracle Corporation Principal Consultant 11/97 – 11/00
Bluestone Consulting Database Administrator 04/97 -11/97
Oracle Corporation Technical Associated 10/94 -04/97
Conduven Oracle Database Administrator 03/94 - 09/94
Laboratorios Fisa System Analyst 05/92 - 03/94
Distribuidora Tejitex Data Processing Analyst 01/89 - 05/92



Oracle Products:

Oracle 5.0, 6.0, 7.0,7.1,7.2, 7.3, 8.0, 8i,9i, 10g, SQL*Plus, SQL*Forms V3.0, SQL*Menu 5.0, PL/SQL  V1, V2, Oracle Forms 4.0, 5.0, Developer 6.0, Designer 6.0, SQL*Loader, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Advance Replication, Parallel Query, Oracle Parallel Server, Oracle Distributed Database, SQL*Net V1, V2, Net8, Oracle Office, Oracle Power Object, Oracle Mail, Oracle Power Browser, Oracle General Ledger, JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Fail Safe, Oracle Names Server, Oracle Internet Directory , Oracle Standby Database, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Real Application Cluster, Grid Control, Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Cluster File system. Oracle Application Express.


Dperating Systems:

UNIX (SCO UNIX, HP-UX, AIX, Sun Solaris, Sun OS, AT&T, Tru64), Windows 2000, Me, 98,  NT, 95, 3.1, XP and for workgroup, MS DOS, APPLE MAC, Novel Netware, Open VMS, SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux


Management/Leadership Skill:

Project Manager for Smarter Agent.
Practice leader for Dimension Data.
Project Manager for the CommerzBank.
Project Manager in an Oracle Application Development.
Duty Manager in Technical Support.
Coordinator of a Systems Department.


Database Administration:

Oracle Installations on several UNIX and Linux flavors, Windows 95, Windows 98, Novel Netware, Windows NT, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroup, Windows 2000, MS OS/2, Open VMS, Database Design and implementation, Design and implementation of Backup and Recovery policy, Migrations, Upgrades, Design and Implementation of Symmetric Replication, Parallel Query, Distributed Databases, Tuning of RDBMS and applications (SQL Tuning). Design of Database Benchmarks. Design and implementation of Security and auditing policies Setup and implementation of OEM to control, maintain, administrate and monitor the customer's databases. Oracle Parallel Server tuning and administration. Fine grain tuning of storage and memory allocation. Creation and implementation of 24x7 health monitoring and surveillance mechanisms. Creations and implementations of mechanism to preserve the integrity of the database.


Life Cycle Expertise:

Data Modeling, Business Analysis, Implementation, Product Installation, Requirements Analysis, System Support.


Specialty Skills:

Oracle Administration, Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, Migrations, Tuning, Support of Oracle Databases and Oracle Tools, Logical and Physical Database Design and Implementation, Design and Implementation of Backup & Recovery strategies. Design and Implementation of Security and Auditing policies. OEM setup and implementation (including setup of jobs and events to facilitate maintenance), Onsite Support, Working with Oracle Support to make customer's environment bug free, Patch installations, Advance Replication, Parallel Server, Standby Database, Real Application Cluster.


Other Products:

MS Office, Mac Paint, Mac Draw, Work, Lotus 123, Norton Utilities, Visual Basic, Word Perfect, Word Start, Harvard Graphics, Ominis 7, Mac Write, Norton Antivirus, Sapphire Web, Netscape, Lotus Ami Pro, Exceed, Windows Explorer, Visio, Microsoft Project, Erwin, Toad, Reflection, PCAnywhere, etc.



Data Conduct Oracle technical training.  Courses taught include Relational Data Modeling, Oracle Apps. Functional foundation Release 11, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Advanced Database Administration.



TCP/IP (Telnet, FTP, RCP, rsh, ping, rlogin), Internet, Intranet, SPX/IPX, Ethernet LAN.



Oraprofessionals.com - Technical Manager - Current:

Smarter Agent, June 2006 - Current.
Project Management,  Database Architecture and Administration of the complete redesign of their core application and Database to enable Smarter Agent to be able to load 700% more sources into their database than what they currently are able to. The goal is to automate as much as possible, make the process flow simpler and friendlier as well as to maximize resource utilization to increase the throughput.

Digital Speed, March 2006 - Current.
Installation, configuration of Oracle Real Application Cluster 10g, Clusterware and ASM on  Sun Solaris, Implementation of Transparent Application Failover (TAF) for transparent failover, Active - Active configuration using Oracle load Balance to allow Digital Speed successfully process a tremendous amount of transactions that are critical for their business.

Commerce Bank, Senior Oracle DBA, Jan 2005 - Current.

Oracle Lead for the Core Technology group, vendor managing, on charge of Oracle group training, automation of Oracle related tasks, Backup monitoring, DBE Portal Design, DB Team Lead for the Data Warehouse and Enterprise Reporting database using 10g grid computing architecture, ASM, Clusterware. Installation, Configuration and deployment of Grid Control. Oracle Licenses managing, between my duties I test and introduce new Oracle related technology to the bank wherever a solution is needed y seek and detect deficiencies in procedures and try to automate and / or improve them. Oracle Support for the line of business DBA managers, performance tuning. Knowledge transfer and teaching Oracle related classes for the bank. Lead for DB SOXS compliance. Negotiated a License deal with Oracle that saved the bank  $2,000,000 in license cost, over the next 3 years ensuring that the future system's scalability is not jeopardized because of a cost issue.

Oraprofessionals.com, Technical Manager / CTO, Jan 2000 - Current.

Besides business development looking for and creating state of the art products and services to offer to our customers, we are an early implementer of technology so we can advice our customers when a technology is mature enough prime time. In addition I do hands on database administration work in our customers along with my partners, some of our espacialities are backup and recovery policy design and implementation, high availability techniques such a real application cluster, disaster recovery techniques, performance tunning, capacity planing among others.

Cornerstone IT, Senior Oracle Consultant,  February 2004 - Current.

MBNA America, February 2004 - Current.
Subcontractor for MBNA working for the Oracle Database Engineering group in distributed operations division (DTO). Leader DBA for the HP-UX 11i upgrade, Designed and implemented the Oracle Portal for the Oracle Database Engineering group. Regular assistance to the employees with day to day task activities which includes backups, monitoring, capacity planning , patch applications, migrations, upgrades, maintenance of replication and Data Guard, etc.

Comverse Inc, Senior Oracle DBA, November 2001 - February 2004

Reengineering of all the security (roles, privileges, accounts, resource consumer groups, password policies, auditing, etc) of the pre-paid application. Highest level of technical Database Support for Comverse customers around the world. Oracle OPS Tuning, Implementation of Oracle Auditing mechanism, Creation of intelligent shell script to diagnostic the health status of the database, creation of scripts to diagnostic replication status of the database, creation and implementation of a Mechanism (totally designed in shell script) to automatically fail over the pre-paid application to the surviving node (OPS). Benchmark and Oracle Diagnostic / Tuning using Oracle Enterprise Manager in order to meet the required calls per second. Creation of mechanism to prevent Oracle deadlocks caused by the same application. Database and Memory Capacity planning for pre-paid 4.200 Application with Upgrade Comverse customers from Oracle 8.0.5 to Design and deployment of Replication for the company different releases. Creation and implementation of an utility to monitor the violation of the integrity of the Database, Creation of an utility to monitor intrusive SQL not part of Comverse application in the database with the objective of detect frauds. Created Utility to monitor and diagnostic storage problems in an Parallel Server Databases (Active  Active) caused by having multiple free list groups. Design, deployment and Maintenance of Standby Database for Mobil8 project (Jakarta - Indonesia).

Didata TimeBdrige Technologies, November 2000 November 2001.

CommerzBank, November 2000 August 2001Project Manager for the Wall Street Frankfurt replication Project, Responsible for the fail over strategy in the EMC migration project. Member of the team designing the new OFA structure under the EMC hardware. General Oracle Technical support for the Bank. Creation of Documentation about Names Server configuration and Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration. Knowledge transfer to the new members of the DBA staff for the Bank. Oracle internet Directory Deployment, Member of the migration staff that Migrated 27 Databases to EMC running oracle 8.1.7.

Oracle Corporation, Principal Consultant, November 1997 November 2000.

CommerzBank, March 2000 November 2000 Onsite Support for all the Bank specially for the Data warehouse users, and developers, Database Administration of 19, 10GB databases. OEM Installation, setup and Implementation in order to help me with the control and administration of this databases. Performance tuning, SQL tuning. Upgrades and Installation of Oracle Software and databases. Design and Implementation of security and auditing policies, Design, Programming  and Implementation of a new application in order to facilitate the rebuild of corrupted indexes and analysis of tables. Recovery of Databases and evaluation of the backup and recovery policies in order to optimize it, Patch application. Worked with Legato Support and Oracle Support to solve a problem that Networker was having backing up Oracle databases. Member of the Data warehouse team, Member of the Oracle financial Installation and Implementation team. Upgraded 22 production databases of 20GB each from 8.1.5 to 8.1.6 in 2 weeks. This upgrade was used as a pilot to upgrade all the branches of Commerzbank around the world. Installed and configured OAS v4.0.8.1 in all the customers nodes.

 Etravel.com, October 1999 - March 2000
Technical Support, Database Administration tasks, Performance Tuning, SQL Tuning , Backup & Recovery strategy, Member of the capacity planning team, Member of the team to design the new hardware and network architecture for e-travel. Member of the team to lead the integration of the new release of the application, Participated in the process of Hiring a new DBA. Provided knowledge transfer to several members of the e-travel staff regarding to DBA tasks and new features. Reviewed the Entity Relationship diagram of the new application and suggested changes. Provided Database Tables documentation and identified the changes made between releases.

 Dice.com, September 1999
Completed re-creation of the database, database administration, performance tuning, and technical support. Helped to design intermedia applications using PL/SQL and tune them for best performance. Worked with Oracle Technical Support to fix bugs.

 MyCNN.com,  September 1999
Database Administration, Performance Tuning. Part of the team to migrate from Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8i and from Context to Intermedia for the web page myCNN.com. Monitored the database. Created several shell scripts that will help to reduce the manual maintenance of the database.

 Cendant, Mortgage, July 1999
Performance tuning based on statistics & Technical Support.

 Sempra Energy Trading, March 1999 - Jun 1999
Conducted migration from Lotus Notes to Oracle 8.0.4. Provided technical support for users, conducted performance tuning, and created procedures for backup & recovery. Created Standards and Procedures. Provided technical support for the DBA.

 Oracle Corp. (Cleats), March 1999
Oracle Apps. Rel 11 Installation on NT Server. Configured CLEATS.

 Oracle Corp. (D&B), February 1999
Oracle Apps. Rel 11 Installation on Sun Solaris 2.6 and on 2 NTs servers. 

 Jos. H. Stomel & Sons, January 1999
Designed Backup and Recovery policy for a Oracle 8.0.5 Database on a Sun Solaris 2.6 using Backup  Manager.

 CAPCOM, January 1999
Installed and configured 3 Oracle Database servers, completed ODBC configuration, SQL*NET configuration, OEM installation and configuration.  Migrated from MS Access to Oracle 8.0.5. Trained customer in OEM and Oracle architecture.

 NEOUCOM, December 1998
Installed and configured Oracle databases on 2 Unix Servers.

 Oracle Corp. COE (Center of Excellence), December 1998
Member of a team that installed 10.7 NCA and 10.6 Smart Client Application.  Designed backup and recovery strategy for these installations, and created automated maintenance scripts.

 Electronic Document System, December 1998
Assisted in migration from Oracle 6.0.36 on Novell Netware to Oracle 8.0.4 on Novell Netware.

 Penn State University, November 1998
Installed and configured Oracle 8.0.3 on AIX.  Installed and Configured OEM, Designer2000 and Developer2000 on Windows NT.

Charming Shoppers, November 1998
Provided technical support and performance tuning on 2 Oracle 8.0.5 databases.

 Jos. H. Stomel & Sons, October 1998
Designed backup and recovery policy for a Oracle 8.0.5 Database on a Sun Solaris 2.6 using Backup  Manager.

 General Cigar, DBA, October 1998
Performed performance tuning and diagnosis of problems on two HP9000 machines.

 Encore Computer, DBA, October 1998
Created replication environment master site to master site, asynchronously, between two Sun Solaris machines.

 Chase Manhattan Bank, DBA, November, 1997 - October 1998
Migrated four production databases (7 x 24 80Gb e/o approx) from RDBMS V6.0.35 to RDBMS V7.1.6 and from Open VMS V6.2 to Sun Solaris 2.5.  It also included the migration of the application (sql, frm, rex, pc, mnu).  Migrated two production databases from Oracle v6 to Oracle v7.1 on Open VMS V6.2.  Tuned RDBMS and customers application. Completed database design and implementation.  Provided technical support for the Globalnet Department on Oracle (7.1 , 7.3) and UNIX (Sun Solaris 2.5). Trained developers on Oracle Database Administration.  Maintained four production databases.  Provided technical support for Chase Manhattan Bank World Wide Technical Support Staff, Developed Complex reports using SQL*PLUS     for Globalnet Database Administration.

 TV Guide, DBA, May 1998
Diagnosed replication related performance problems on a pre-production environment.

EPS (Electronic Payment Services Inc.), DBA, January 1998
Helped recover two production databases (7 x 24)

HIDTA (Federal Bureau of Investigations), DBA, November 1997
Designed and implemented  Backup and Recovery policy for two Production databases (7 x 24). Conducted performance tuning.


Bluestone Consulting Inc, Database Administrator, April 1997 - November 1997:

General Wireless, DBA, October 1997
Provided Oracle technical support, database administration, performance tuning, and database installation.

Solbright, DBA, August 1997 - September 1997
Designed, installed, and configured  Oracle Database. Did database administration, performance tuning,
 and Oracle technical support. 

Bell Atlantic, DBA, May 1997 - August 1997
Designed and implemented the backup and recovery policy. Maintained the replicated environment, and did database administration, performance tuning and user training.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, DBA, April 1997 - May 1997
Designed, installed, and configured Oracle Workgroup 7.3 on NT.  Installed and configured   Oracle Enterprise Manager on Win95.  Installed and configured  Sapphire Web for Windows NT. Technical Support on Oracle 7.3.

Internal Projects:
Proposals for Colonial Pipelines Project, Tyco Project and Delaware Prosecutors Office.

Oracle Corporation, Technical Support Consultant, October 1994 - April 1997
Software installation, upgrades, and migrations.  Provided technical assistance in administration and tuning of Oracle databases.  Resolved customers database problems.  Conducted customer training. Developed internal applications.  Coordinated tasks.  Assisted in development with Oracle tools.  Assisted in backup and recovery strategy and database structure strategy, Oracle Database Administration V5, V6, V7.

Conduven C.A., Oracle Database Administrator, March 1994 - September 1994
Designed the development and production environment.  Evaluated  RDBMS (Sybase, Informix, Oracle).  Evaluated and designed hardware and network topologies.  Designed database benchmarks.  Designed downsizing project.  Developed application.  Selected   network and database.  Oracle Database Administration.

Laboratorios Fisa, System Analyst, May 1992 - March 1994
Developed application as Programmer Analyst and Leader Project.
  Tuned application.  Migrated Database (Oracle V5 to V6).  Development of interfaces between COBOL and Oracle.  Oracle Database administration V5, V6.  Provided internal training.  Performed maintenance of systems such as purchasing, general ledger, human resource, billing.

Distribuidora Tejitex, Data Processing Analyst, January 1989 - May 1992
Data transcription.  Developed applications in Basic and Oracle.  Application maintenance.  Control and distribution of task.  Analysis and interpretation of accounts and bill balances.  Provided hardware and data design.  Completed statistical projection of hardware and data growth requirements.  Oracle Database Administration V6.



Oracle Certified Professional Program (OCP)

  • Certified Oracle 7.3 Database Administrator
  • Certified Oracle 8.0 Database Administrator
  • Certified Oracle 8i Database Administrator
  • Certified Oracle 9i Database Administrator


  • Instituto Universitario de Nuevas Profesiones - Caracas, 1990 - 1994.
    B.S. in Computer Science.
  • M.S. In Computer Science specialization in Database Management and Knowledge-Based Engineering - NJIT (USA) 2003 - 2007


Oracle Training:

- Oracle Real Application Cluster 10g.
- Oracle Real Application Cluster Workshop 10g.
- Oracle Open World 2005.
- Oracle 10g New Features for Administrators.
- Very Large Database/Terabyte Database Administration 8i.
- Parallel Server Administration 8i.
Designer 2000 -- Design and Construction of Systems.
- Developer2000.
- Oracle7 Advanced Database Administration.
- Oracle7 Database Administration Workshop.
- Oracle Internals V7.0 Workshop.
- Oracle7 New Features Option Workshop.
- Design of Applications with Oracle Forms 4.
- Oracle Gemms.
Backup and Recovery Workshop.
- Introduction to SQL*Forms V3.0.
- Administration of Oracle Database V6.0.
- Applications Tuning V6.0.
- Database Architecture V6.0.
- Introduction to PL/SQL V1.0.
- Introduction to SQL*Report Writer v1.1.
- Introduction to SQL*PLUS v3.0.
- Introduction to SQL*MENU v5.0.
- Design of Relational Database V1.0.
- Mastery in Technical Support V6.
Mastery in Analysis and Design of Systems.
- Mastery in Database Administration V6.
- Oracle Technical Training (BAP).
- Oracle Office.
- Oracle General Ledger Release 10SC.
-Oracle Financial Technical Foundation.
Oracle Applications System Administration Rel. 11.
- Advance Symmetric Replication.
- Oracle 8i New Features for Database Administrators.
- Java for Oracle Developers.
- Oracle Context Cartridge.

Other Training:

- General Ledger.
- Workshop of Total Quality.
- English as Second Language.
- Basic.
- Seminar Internet Today.
- P.E.C.E.S. in the Company.
- Sapphire/Web NT Training Course.
- Visual Basic 4.0 - Basic.
- Visual Basic 4.0 - Advanced.
- Introduction to UNIX Operative System.
- Basic Use of UNIX Commands.
- Advanced Use of UNIX Commands.
- Problem Solving & Decision Making.
- Professional Software Support.



Edward L. Stockton


Obtain a position of responsibility as a Sr. Oracle DBA in a growing, dynamic environment. 


- Twenty five years experience in Information Technology.

- Twenty years experience in relational databases.

- Responsible for oracle software installations, performance tuning, Oracle binary upgrades and performance of Oracle 8i OPS clusters, and 10g rel2 IBM AIX cluster platforms.

- Prototyped Oracle Grid databases on SUN, HP, and IBM clusters for performance through-put testing.   Created load generation scripts for testing  each platform. 

- Design, coded and implemented upgrade conversion procedures for new  releases of schema.

- Responsible 24 X 7 for supporting over 180 OPS instances worldwide.

- Maintain trouble shooting documents for field support engineers.

- Produce and maintain database capacity planning documents and spreadsheets.

- Developed and maintain backup and recovery procedures using RMAN.

Frequently travel to field locations to perform special operations including recovering from corruption, training customers,  and on-site performance tuning.

- Responsible for training new-hire DBA’s

- Review and produce detailed design documents containing specifications for new features.

- Used ErWin to perform logical and physical data modeling. 

- Wrote database monitoring and maintenance system to support ”lights-out” operations.  Modules are designed to protect the system and maintain through-put.  Modules include:  Audit, detect, and terminate hostile user connections; Detect long-running SQL and terminate connections; Locate users holding extended locks on sensitive tables and terminate if necessary; Detect expanded rollback segments and shrink if needed; Monitor space use; Monitor shared pool fragmentation issues, searching for un-binded sql and other poorly written queries; Monitor stored object reloads that feeds a startup trigger system to insure top performance (reduce library cache pin times).

- Design and configure database file placement within EMC arrays to support maximum through-put.

- Designed and built database warehouse to protect main OLTP database from expensive warehouse and DDS queries.

- Automated all log and trace clean-up.


  • DBMS 6.0, 7.x, 8i, 9i, 10g rel 2,  SQL*Plus, svrmgrl, Data Pump, Import Export, Oracle Enterprise Manager,  Oracle Replication, Parallel Query, Oracle Parallel Server, Oracle Distributed Database, SQL*Net, Oracle Web Server,  Oracle Standby Databases (Data Guard), Oracle Real Application Cluster, Grid Control, ASM, Oracle Clusterware service (crsctl, srvctl), TKPROF,  Statspack/ AWR (database performance tuning), RMAN.


1999present          Comverse Network System          Mt. Laurel, NJ

Senior Oracle DBA

      Sr. Oracle DBA of the division.  Mentor to 15 other DBAs and Developers. 

      Presently working with team charged with developing our next generation platform to support our new Telco products.  Prototyping IBM p570s , AIX 5.3 OS in two node clusters, using CRS, HACMP, Oracle10g and EMC Clarion arrays.  Mission is to build tough fault tolerant Telco servers capable of supplying five 9s uptime.

      Supporting several Oracle based products 24x7 on 180 instances worldwide.   Responsible for disaster recovery of instances.  Primarily using RMAN and Standby databases for disaster recovery.

      Designed replication logic to support our horizontal Master/Slave(s) concept of load balancing.  Wrote scripts to re-sync replication across all nodes when needed. 

      Designed Database Architecture that controls all database link accesses during instance and node failures.  This system shunts access to downed nodes in an instantaneous manor, much faster than waiting for TAF and TCP-IP timeouts.

      Works with Product Performance Engineering group to measure system wide performance.  Using statspack, client tracing, tkprof, and Spotlight.

      Responsible for overall Database Architecture design.

19981999          Home Medical America                  Mt. Laurel, NJ
Oracle DBA

      Worked with team to set up Enterprise class HP and Enterprise Array systems for medical and pharmaceutical industry. 

      Supported PeopleSoft HR and AR modules.  Performed Peoplesoft application upgrades when needed.

      Worked with PeopleSoft application programmers to tune queries and troubleshoot database access code.

      Managed Oracle WebServer and firewall plug-ins to provide internet access to our field sale group to our Warehouse and DSS databases behind our firewall.

      Used Oracle 8.1.5 to build warehouse and DSS databases. 

      Created and maintained schema using Erwin modeling tool.

1996-1998          Computer Science Corporation        Mt. Laurel, NJ

Oracle DBA

         Part of Integration team responsible for testing and tuning Oracle 7.0.3 instances on Sun and Compaq Alpha servers to support military messaging system. 

         Wrote scripts to automate testing procedures and to load test machine nightly with new schema builds.  

         Created and maintained schema using Erwin modeling tool.

19961996          Bell Atlantic                                  Philadelphia, PA


      Designed and coded a client/server JAVA application to remotely control and monitor a sophisticated data acquisition instrument

      Responsible for fine-tuning the performance of a database sized at 500 gigabytes and 485+ tables

      Streamlined database versioning release process by reverse-engineering the database into Erwin, altering the tables, the exporting DDL into BMC Alter for final construction

 1988-1996          CONRAIL                                     Philadelphia, PA

Project-Level DB2 DBA, Senior Software Engineer

      Normalized and designed complex relational database schema and introduced Erwin data modeling tool into Conrails software development toolset

      Pioneered the use of referential integrity for enforcing constraints in DB2 databases.

      Designed and supervised complex, dynamic DB2 sql for rail car rating lookups against VLDBs.

      Created car tracking application in C++ which interfaced with DB2 database

      Completed Oracle training classes

      Created Teradata databases for data warehouse functions

 1987-1988          Donnelley Directory                     Cherry Hill, NJ

Advanced Programmer/Analyst, Nomad Relational Database

      Designed and created on-line marketing inquiry screens and procedures to access Nomad databases

 1985-1987           Shared Medical Systems             Malvern, PA


      Designed and tuned VSAM databases for Patient Accounting applications

      Performed data modeling for Medicare patient tracking system


1997                   Learning Tree International         Mount Laurel, NJ
Oracle Certification Program

1996                     NJ Institute of Technology         Newark, NJ
M.S. Computer Science,
 Database Systems & Software Engineering

1984                   Rutgers State University               Camden, NJ
B.A. Computer Science



Languages:  C++, JAVA, PL/SQL, COBOL, UNIX scripting
Oracle Tools and Utilities:  Oracle Enterprise Manager, Forms Designer 2000, Developer 2000
Database Tools:  Erwin, Statspack, Quest Spotlight
Systems:  Unix (HP, SUN, IBM), LINUX, IBM 3090 Mainframe, Digital 3,21, DEC Alpha, Windows all releases
Databases:  Oracle, DB2, Teradata and MS Access


References are available upon request.



Mohan Babu


          Functioned as Senior and Lead Architect /Oracle Database Administrator/Application developer, Senior Systems Analyst, Program Manager, Technical Support Specialist and Oracle Financial APPS DBA (for 10.7 and 11i versions). Extensive use and maintenance of CRM apps and GL, AR, AP 11i modules. 

          Over 15 years experience in the IS field with over 13 years of specific experience in implementing 8i/9i/10g advanced features to improve performance of ERP applications.

          Specialized in converting DBs from NON RAC environment to RAC environment and vice versa on UNIX and Red Hat Linux Operating system.

          Specialized in the installation, administration, design, development and implementation of Data Warehouse applications, Financial applications, Oracle ERP Applications and Oracle Application Server, Oracle replication and RAC configurations, installation and configuration of HA installations using Quests Shareplex product, Oracle Streams, Oracle Dataguard, Legato SW with RMAN, capacity planning, resource management and installation of EMC enterprise storage subsystems. 

          Strong working knowledge in the following tools/features: Oracle utilities, Oracle Administration and Performance Tuning (via OEM, Precise, Toad, SQL Navigator), Oracles 9i advanced features, Oracles and shareplexs replication, UNIX/Perl scripts, Backup/Recovery (RMAN, Tivoli Storage manager and Legato), EMC's Timefinder and SRDF SW.

          Worked with very large Oracle Databases and Data Warehouse systems of 3TB+, multiple fact and dimension tables.  Extensive use of ETL tool to load data into oracle.

          Strong working knowledge in configuring SYMMETRIX 8730 and 1000P storage systems of EMC to manage 3 TB+ storage systems.


Oracle (Version 7.X to 8i to 9iAS) back end and front end tools (CDE 2000 products), EMC's TimeFinder and SRDF, Oracles SQL NET, SQL Loader, Oracles RAC on UNIX/W2K servers, Oracle OEM tools, Oracle Names Server, RMAN, Oracle Designer, BMC's Patrol, Legato backup SW,  SQL Server 2000, UNIX Shell, Perl, Awk, SQL Navigator, TOAD, Microstrategy reporting system, Quest Central for Oracle, EMCs Autoadvise, Veritas VCS 4.0, IBMS GPFS and HACMP, Shareplex replication.

Operating Systems:

HP-UX (OS version 11.0), NCR UNIX OS, SUN UNIX OS, AIX UNIX OS, Linux OS, Windows NT/2000 and Compaq Tru UNIX/DIGITAL UNIX.


UNIX C, Microsoft C, SQL, Oracles PL/SQL, PRO*C, 4GL's, UNIX and VAX DCL Scripts, Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, SAS, LISP, IBM Assembly, C, C++, UNIX shell scripts, awk and Perl scripting.
Hardware:Sun Microsystems(workstations, midrange servers and E10K servers), HP 9000 Series, NCR UNIX  systems(SMP/MPP architecture), Compaq's Tru UNIX, DGs and IBMs RISC machines, EMC storage subsystems, IBM 4341, Windows NT servers/clients.


 EBS in NJ                                                                            June 2006 to Present

Oracle SeniorDBA/Architect

          Migrating 5 TB from a two node RAC to a 5 node RAC on Linux AS 4.* using ASM and 10gR2.

          Installed and configure a 5 node RAC using 10gR2 and ASM using the Oracles low cost storage initiative approach, develop backup and recovery procedures using RMAN and perform day to day DBA tasks supporting DB applications.

 UBS in NY                                                                        July 2005 to June 2006

Oracle SeniorDBA/Architect

          Installed, configured and supporting a 2 node RAC production/development environments using 10g on Sun Solaris and Veritas VCS.  Enabled TAF, Load Balancing and develop application code using PL/SQL.

          Implemented and supporting a HA solution using 9i/10g Oracle Data Guard for the banks production DB environment using Oracles ASM architecture

          Provided training to in-house DBAs  and perform daily DBA tasks that includes migrating 9i DBs to 10G, perform backup and recovery via RMAN tools and trouble shoot DB performance issues.

 Oracle Corporation(Evenings and Weekends)            Dec 2005 to March 2006

Oracle SeniorDBA Consultant to Alcoa

          Configured and supported ASCP and ODP, in a 11.5.10 ERP implementation

          Provide APPS DBA support for multiple ERP test, QA , Dev and Prod installations

          Troubleshoot DB performance issues when ASCP and demand planning plans were being built using shared and non-shared plan partitions

Coresys, NJ (Evenings and Weekends)                     May 2005 to October 2005


          Provide ORACLE APPS DBA support for multiple Coresys clients that includes 11i application upgrades, patching, provide backup and recovery operations, perform DB and application cloning,  improve and monitor DB and application performance for 8i, 9i and 10g DBs using oracle applications from 11.0.3 to 11.5.10

          Install, configure and maintain applications on 9ias application servers

          Install, configure and maintain Oracle 10g Portal environments on RedHat Linux Enterprise 3

          Configure and implement a DR solution using 9i Physical standby DB on a 3-node implementation.

          Troubleshoot and solve application performance problems using a multitude of tools that includes 10g grid and Toad products.

 Stryker Corporataion                                              February 2005 to May 2005

Oracle Senior DBA/APPS DBA/Architect

          Installed, configured and supported a 2 node RAC primary DB and a 2 node RAC physical standby node using IBMS GPFS, HACMP on IBMS p series servers.

          Installed, configured and maintained multiple test/development/QA 11.5.10 Oracle Financials DBs on a multi node setup(DB tier is IBM AIX and application tier nodes as Linuxx86).  Implement Load balancing via TAF on RAC nodes, implemented STATSPACK reporting to proactively monitor a number of DBs.

          Performed DB/application cloning using Adclone and DB migrations, applied DB/Application patches via adpatch/opatch, configured concurrent managers to handle varying work loads, performed backup and recovery using RMAN and monitored multiple DBs via OEM/Toad/Foglight.  Provide daily database maintenance support to 100s of financial ERP users.

          Working knowledge of Oracle Advanced Planning module (centralized and decentralized approach).

 Federal Reserve Bank of NY                                                July2004 February 2005

Oracle Senior DBA/APPS DBA/Architect

          Installed, configured and supported production/development environments.  Each of the environments comprised of a 2 node RAC primary DB and a 2 node RAC physical standby node using Solaris and Veritas VCS 4.0. 

          Enable oracle streams to implement bi-directional replication between multiple DBs for production/test/ QA environments.  Implemented a robust RMAN with Legato Tape SW for all production DBs at the Bank.

          Provided training to in-house DBAs and implemented load balancing on all RAC DB instances

          Convert and migrate few SQLSERVER DB applications to an Oracle based DB system.

EMC Corporation/Lockheed Martin                                    Mar 2004 July 2004

Oracle Senior DBA/Architect

          Migrated 3+TB ERP Oracle databases from SYMMETRIX 8730 to SYMMETRIX 1000P I/O subsystems, with emphasis placed on improving Oracle application performance.

          Implement Oracle 9i advanced features at the instance level, application level, and net configuration level, and re-engineer application to extensively use Oracle partitioning feature .

          Install and configure Oracle Diagnostic 9i pack, implement external tables, implement and analyzed statspack data captured every one hour.

          Using EMC tools such as autoadvise capture object level statistics, generate reports and plan for improved database performance at the disk file level and also at the application level.

Pitney Bowes                                                                       Jan 2004 Mar 2004

Oracle Senior DBA/Architect

          Configured and supported a, 2 node Oracle RAC implementation on W2K OS.

          Train in house ORACLE/SQL server DBAs.

          Developed standards to proactively monitor their production DB application.

          Designed and developed PL/SQL modules for Click Stamp Online WEB application.

          Implemented new Oracle 9i availability and recoverability features such as flashback query, 9i log miner enhancements and use of new 9i RMAN features.

 Consultant to United Parcel Services                                             Jul 2003 Jan 2004

Oracle Senior Consultant

          Implemented and tested HA/DR solutions for multiple databases using Shareplex and EMCs products on HP UNIX nodes.  Configured SUN/HP/NT/2000K platforms to implement HA solutions.

          Migrated 2+TB Oracle 8i to 9i DBs.  Provided production support for multiple UPS databases.

          Implemented and maintained a 2 node Oracle RAC system using W2K and a logical standby database for a reporting application.  Performed the same on a 2 node using Linux OS.

          Trained in house ORACLE/SQL server DBAs.

          Installed and implemented hot/cold backups using Oracles RMAN utility.

          On a daily basis configured all systems to generate statspack reports and make recommendations to the application development team and the DBA team to improve performance.  Customized statspack reports to capture OS performance data using a multitude of UNIX utilities (i.e. use of UNIX tools such as sar, vmstat, glance, iostat and etc).  Configured and maintained a Names Server environment.

          Developed technical documents as per UPS standards and trained in house DBAs.  Configured SUN/HP servers prior to the porting of databases from/to external systems.  Developed best practices documents that address backup/recovery/installation/configuration/performance tuning of data warehouse DB applications.

          Troubleshot and solved performance problems using OEM, Toad and SQL Navigator.

          Provided applications DBA support for multiple Oracle Financials applications such as installing/configuring  the forms  server, report server,  concurrent  manager servers and applied  patches using adpatch utility.

          Installed, upgraded and performed application cloning of Oracle 11i applications between production, development and QA systems.  Extensive use of AD utilities such as adpatch and adadmin utilities.  Installed and configured Oracle Advanced queuing and workflow applications in 11i.

IT Convergence                                                                            Jul 2003 Jul 2003


          Developed a 5 day course material for Oracle DBAs in the implementation and usage of Oracle 9i advanced features

          Taught the same course for a group of 8 Oracle DBAs at PTC Inc., in Boston


Schering-Plough Corporation                                                         Jan 2003 - Jul 2003

Oracle Senior DBA/Architect

          Implemented 21 CFR Part 11 auditing/security/backup/recovery procedures across all production, validation and development database instances on UNIX Open VMS and NT/W2K servers.

          Installed and configured RAC implementations using Sun cluster disk subsystem.  Implemented Oracle 9i advanced features such as external tables for ETL type processing, heavy use of 9i init ora  parameters affecting application performance, Redo log mining, use of advanced RMAN features and Oracle Flashback queries. 

          Migrated 7x and 8i database instances on NT/W2K servers to 9i versions on HP, SUN, AIX UNIX servers.  Identified expensive SQL  queries and tune them to improve application performance

          Developed functional specifications and developed standards to implement auditing and backup/recovery procedures of databases according to Schering-Plough Corporation standards

 Bristol-Myers Squibb                                                                  Oct 2002 Jan 2003

Oracle Tuning Specialist/Architect

          Installed 9iAS, 9i and 8i databases on E10K domains.  Designed and implemented WEB enabled applications that support the Research scientists at BMS for multiple Drug Discovery Projects

          Implemented extensive tuning measures for the applications using multiple monitoring tools such as OEM, Toad, Quest Center for Oracle, and home grown scripts

          Redesigned many parts of the application to start using the Oracles table level partition architecture handling tables that have 40 to 100 Million records

          Installed and configured a RAC implementation using Oracles CFS on clustered Windows 2000 servers

          Implemented 21 CFR Part 11 auditing/security/backup/recovery procedures across all production database instances on NT/W2K servers

CVS Corporation                                                                         Jan 2002 Oct 2002

Oracle Senior DBA/Architect

          Lead Oracle applications designer/developer/DBA for retail pharmacy production/development data warehouse database instances. Installed and upgraded database from 7/8i/9i on Suns E10K nodes with multiple domains. Currently involved in Database design and administering of CVSs datawarehouse databases (6 terra bytes).  Also managed PeopleSoft databases on HP UNIX

          Implement Oracles 8i advanced features to the existing data warehouse environment. Compiled reporting requirements, designed and generated reports via MicroStrategy.

          Designed and developed applications using PL/SQL and shell/perl/awk scripting that loads and process large data file feeds on a daily basis

          Extensive use of ERWIN to track schema changes both at the logical and physical model.  Developed SDLC design/functional documents for CVSs applications

          Designed and developed perl/shell scripts to perform online rebuilds of partitioned tables and partitioned indexes to remove fragmentation

          Monitored application performance using monitoring tools such as Precise, TOAD, Oracles OEM and SQL Navigator.  Identified slow running queries and improved their performance via hints, table/index reorgs, and reengineer application code.

          Designed and developed algorithms to rebuild indexes, converted non-partitioned tables to partitioned tables, performed backup (logical/physical) and recovery operations via RMAN, and monitored database performance via Patrol software

          Designed, developed and implemented daily loads into databases via ETL tools (Informatica). Installed Oracle products on the UNIX servers, NT/W2k servers, and client tools on multiple clients

          Developed technical documents for the upper management describing the growth patterns of the datawarehouse disk subsystems from the perspective of disk usage and system usage

 INGDirect                                                                                Sep 2001 Dec 2001

Oracle Technical Lead DBA

          Designed and implemented a disaster recovery solution using standby database approach for AIX UNIX nodes and NT platforms using Oracles Data Guard tool. 

          Installed and maintained development and production SQL Server 2000 databases for the Bank.  Designed and developed procedures to import data into Oracle/SQL server databases using Informatica tool.  Supported 4 production databases on a 24x7 basis

          Planned future requirement for INGs Databases and applications

Commerzbank                                                                         Aug 2000 Sep 2001

Oracle Technical Lead DBA

          Supported a very large data warehouse instance that has multiple fact tables and several dimension tables.  In charge of developing perl/shell/awk/PLSQL/Oracle SQL Loader/Oracle export and import scripts to load more than a million records into the fact tables on a regular basis. 

          Installed and maintained Oracle 8i/9i production/development and system testing databases and Oracle 11i applications on Compaq Tru UNIX nodes.  Used ERWIN tools to monitor database schema change requests. Extensive support for more than 15 database instances, most of them were production database instances. 

          Migrated test and production database on UNIX servers from 7.* to 8i and Oracle Financials 11.5.1 to 11.5.x on UNIX servers. Manager databases via Oracle Names Server.

          Installed and configured middle tier processes such as apache, forms, web server, OMS, concurrent manager and report server on UNIX/NT platforms for Oracle Financial and Oracle Portal 9iAS applications. 

          Responsible for installing, upgrading and application cloning of Oracle 11i applications between production, development and QA systems.  Extensive use of AD utilities such as adpatch and adadmin utilities.

          Configured and maintained advanced replication between 8i databases in NY, Singapore and Germany. Designed and developed automated scripts to monitor growth rate of tablespaces, tables, logfiles for future planning.  Extensively tuned applications running on databases.

          Conducted an exhaustive study of current systems.  Based on the findings designed proposed a failover system for multiple production systems that uses EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) and Timefinder product between systems in NYC and Rye. Extensive support for more than 15 database instances, and most of them were production database instances 

          Performed backup's and recovery using RMAN and Legato Networker using tape subsystems

          Developed technical and functional requirement documents and trained in house DBA's

Merck & Co.                                                                              Mar 2000 Aug 2000

Senior Oracle Database Administrator

          Responsible for providing DBA support for 10+ development/test/QA instances using Oracles OEM and 5+ production instances.  Most of these databases comprised of marketing/sales data

          Technical member in Mercks Database and OS standards implementation team

          Implemented advanced replication between DBs on W2K/UNIX servers

 AT&T                                                                                       May 1999 Mar 2000

Senior Oracle Database Administrator

          Installed and maintained 20+ instances and developed automated procedures to transfer data between multiple instances and production database instances on HP UNIX and Sun UNIX platforms

          Implemented simple/complex snapshots between Master and multiple slave databases

 Dendrite International                                                               Mar 1999 May 1999

Senior Oracle Database Administrator

          Responsible for DBA functions including installation, monitoring and tuning of 10+ Oracle instances on HP UNIX nodes

          Responsible for capacity planning, space management, monitoring and tune DBMS apps

 Dow Jones                                                                                Apr 1998 Aug 1998

Oracle Database Administrator/Consultant

          Designed and implemented simple/complex snapshots and perform backup and recovery

 IEEE                                                                                        Jun 1997 Apr 1998

Oracle Database Administrator

          Responsible for all DBA functions including installation, monitoring, tuning of 10+ instances, installed and tuned SQL*NET on HP UNIX and Sun Solaris UNIX nodes

          Performed duties of Oracle Financial Applications DBA and applied patches

AT&T                                                                                        Sep 1996 May 1997

Senior Oracle Database Administrator

          Designed and implemented a Financial Community Data Warehouse database using Oracle 7.3 on a parallel server database instance (i.e. OPS )  on NCR UNIX 4100/4300 SMP systems

Objective Systems Integrators                                                    Apr 1996 Aug 1996

Oracle Database Administrator

Tuned Oracle applications to improve performance

The World Bank                                                                           Jul 1995 Apr 1996

Oracle Database Administrator

DBA for Imaging Application on DEC Alpha (UNIX) and AIX UNIX systems

 Xerox Corporation                                                                    May 1994 Feb 1995

Database Administrator/UNIX Administrator

Performed DBA duties, and responsible for the development and production support of workflow and imaging.

 Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, Inc.                                    Apr 1994 May 1994

Oracle Database Administrator

Reviewed and modified the logical and physical design to enhance applications

 General Analytics Corp                                                              Nov 1992 Jan 1994

Project Manager/Database Administrator

As a hands on Project Manager, responsible for design and development of an Electronic DBMS system

Wang Laboratories                                                                     Feb 1992 Nov 1992

Senior Database Administrator/Systems Engineer

Designed, developed and implemented workflow and imaging applications

 MSCI Technologies                                                             Feb 1991 Dec 1991

Senior Systems Analyst/Project Manager

Responsible for the design of a large document storage and production systems for US Navy.

Cincinnati Bell Information Systems                                             Nov 1988 Jan 1991

Project Leader/Systems Consultant

As Project Manager designed, developed and implemented a CALS compliant application

Electronic Data Systems                                                             Jun 1987 Nov 1988

Oracle Database Administrator

Designed and implemented a centralized Electronic Publishing database using Oracle

 Boeing Computer Services                                                        Mar 1986 May 1987

Senior Systems Analyst

Responsible for the implementation of data transfer solutions between VAX/VMS computer systems

University Of Maryland                                                                Feb 1981 Feb 1987

Served (part time) as Assistant professor and instructed several computer related courses


          M.S. Computer Science, University of Maryland, 1982

          M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Howard University, Washington DC, 1978

          B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore, India


Ann Stockton


Total Strategy, LLC (July 1988 - present), Owner/Programmer/Analyst

  • Maintain and design code and content for online internet selection and ordering system in Javascript, ASP and HTML with a SQLServer database backend
  • Coded JavaScript and Pro-C to dynamically access Oracle tables via a secure Internet application
  • Designed and wrote an Order Tracking System and Health Club Membership Log

Medford Sports Club (August 2004 - present), Graphics Artist/Computer Specialist

  • Responsible for site’s hardware and software, including network
  • Constructed and maintain the club’s website
  • Create and design all ads, signs and marketing promotional materials


Elliott-Lewis Corporation (May 2001 – June 2004), Software Developer
  • Managed and created SQLServer and MS Access databases for employee tool tracking and project planning
  • Organized and managed intranet content, forms and reports with ASP backend
  • Constructed and maintained corporate and subsidiaries’ internet web sites
  • Created database access and reports for sales, credit, safety, and human resources departments
  • Crystal Reports/SQLServer/MSAccess reporting

Exelon Energy (Oct 1998 – May 2001), Business Analyst/Programmer

  • Designed and developed interactive Web applications for a Customer Activity Log Application and Credit Screening Application in ASP using VB and JavaScript to present and manipulate Oracle data
  • Designed and developed an ASP Web application, using VB and JavaScript to present data from an Informix database
  • Defined and wrote specifications and code for data synchronization extracts

University of Penn, WCIT (Oct 1995 – May 1998), Information Specialist

  • Created Web interfaces to generate reports from Oracle (CGI/HTML/SQL/JAVA)
  • Constructed complex queries using Business Objects, SQL Plus, Oracle and Oracle Reports to statistically project classroom load and matriculation percentages
  • Supervised Novell Network v3.12 and v4
  • Project leader for several key ventures including a Web-based class list utility to display and print pictures and student demographics for faculty, Web Calendar, On-line Student Worksheet and Undergraduate Intranet

UNISYS Corporation (Feb 1995 - Sept 1995), Software Analyst

  • Analyzed and constructed a Lotus Notes package for a complex InfoHub to be accessed by users world-wide
  • Provided individual and group training

 BIO-RAD, Sadtler Division (June 1990 - Feb 1995), Software Engineer

  • Developed software to display and print spectra, chemical structures and chemical compound information for spectroscopy customers
  • Designed and created ACCESS databases that tracked sales and marketing contacts and quote/order information for the Sales/Marketing and Accounting Departments
  • Performed managerial tasks for the PC software department including attending R&D meetings, formulating ISO-9000 documents, distributing assignments and presenting department's budgetary requests and performance objectives to upper management

SSS Technologies (Nov 1989 - Mar 1990), Software En

ginInstrumental in designing and refining a complex non-invasive patient testing system, written in C for Microsoft Windows.

Giacomo's Restaurant (Sept 1988 - May 1989), Assistant Manager

Responsible for employee matriculation, maintaining a professional atmosphere, setting up AR/AP files, ordering foodstuffs and supplies, handling promotions and advertising, designing computer reports for setting prices, and problem-solving.

Medic Monitor (Nov 1987 - Feb 1988), Technical Writer

Wrote a 1988 Business Plan, Request List for approval of the sale of public stock, user manual and advertising documents.  Researched cardiology techniques, medical testing procedures and FDA protocols.

Shared Medical Systems (Sept 1985 - Nov 1987), Programmer/Analyst

Created production modules in COBOL to spin hospital data to magnetic tapes. 


Languages:  PHP, AccessBasic, Visual Basic, ASP, C, JavaScript, SQLPlus, PL/SQL, C 6.0 with Windows SDK
Operating Systems: Windows, Novell Netware 3.12, UNIX, Linux
Applications: MS FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat Professional, SQL Tools, Business Objects, MS Office, Developer 2000, MS InterDev
Databases:  MSAccess, Oracle, SQLServer


Cabrini College, Radnor, PA  19087     
B.S.  Math                                                      May, 1985, Graduate    
B.S.  Computer Science                              Overall GPA - 3.8/4.0
B.A.  English and Communications


  • Current AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Certification
  • Current CPR Certification         
  • Cabrini College Honor Society      
  • Sigma Theta Honor Society (Math and Science)
  • Society for Collegiate Journalists      
  • Cabrini College Service and Leadership Award                               
  • Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities                    


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