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What is DMDRS?

Database Monitoring, Diagnostics and Resolution (DMDRS) is remote service provided by OraProfessionals.com that remotely monitors your database(s) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We provide you with a diagnostic assessment of any potential or current database issues.  We recommend solutions to potential crisis and we implement the basic maintenance tasks to ensure your enterprise will not be stopped for trivial issues. In addition, DMDRS offers several levels of reactive support that adjust to your budget and business needs.

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DMDRS Maintenance Service Includes:
DMDRS Basic Maintenance's Cost

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Database Monitoring Diagnostics and Resolution Services

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DMDRS Maintenance Service Includes:

Initial Documentation:

We document your database architecture. This enables us and Oracle to provide a faster response and take better decisions in the event of an incident.

Pay by Credit Card
We rely on Pay Pal for payment of our services by Credit Card.


- High CPU utilization.
- High I/O utilization.
- High memory utilization.
- High disk space utilization.
- Backups - whenever customerís
  third party tool allows it.
- Tablespace free space and
   fragmentation levels.
- Objects fragmentation levels.
- Database locks.
- High flashback area space utilization.
- Archive log destination space.
- High redo generation.
- Oracle alert errors.
- Undo segments utilization.
- Potential security threads to the

- High number of connections to the
- Hanging database connections.
- Processes waiting long in the database.
- Broken job queues.
- Maximum number of extents for tables.
  and indexes.
- Highly fragmented objects.
- Listener health.
- Database health.
- RAC cluster and services health.
- Buffer cache utilization.
- Log buffer cache utilization.
- Shared pool fragmentation.
- Latch contention

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After an incident we quickly proceed to create a diagnotic of the situation, inform you of the severity of the issue and provide you with the differents alternatives.


We provide resolution at no additional cost for most of the basics and trivial operations, however anything no covered by the service, alhtough we do the diagnostic and propose the alternatives solution, we will charge the regular off-hours remote consulting rate if you want us to implement it.


On a monthly basis we will provide you with a report of the incidents we had, what was done, what was our uptime for the month, our recommendations and some capacity planing metrics.


DMDRS Basic Maintenance's Cost:

Non-Clustered Databases:

Initial (one time only) setup fee ------------ $520 per database
Single Database ----------------------------- $900 per month
Additional databases ------------------------ $450 per month per DB.


Clustered ( OPS/RAC ) Databases:

Initial (one time only) setup fee ------------ $520 per instance
First 2 instances ----------------------------- $1,000 per month
Additional instances ------------------------- $500 per month per Instance.


DMDRS Reactive Support:

Reactive support is a remote per incident per hour, per DBA support service, it covers everything that is related to the DB and is not covered under the DMDRS maintenance service.

Some examples:
     DB Upgrades and downgrades
     Patches application
     Data structure changes

We are proud to offer a flexible reactive support service level agreement (SLA) that allows you to scale up as your business needs increase and allows you to pick the most convenient to your budget. When you sign up for your DMDRS contract you elect the service level agreement that is most convenient for you, you can always upgrade your SLA at anytime.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Silver 8 $ 98
Gold 4 $ 137
Platinum 2 $ 165

The Service Level agreement guarantees that DB Analyst will respond to your issue and start working on it during that number of hours. It does not indicate that the problem will be solved on that number of hours; problem resolution time will depend of the magnitude of the issue. Response time may be sooner depending on workload and DB analyst availability.



Large conglomerates as well as smaller shops can benefit from leaving the health and welfare of their company's data in the hands of well-seasoned, diligent administrators whose sole purpose is to allow them to have peace of mind.  Oracle and Oracle products are specialized and elaborate.  We know the ins and outs of versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 10.x.  We have extensive experience fixing broken and sick databases.  We offer the kinds of reports that will give you as managers the ability to answer questions about capacity planning and the health of your databases.  Our proactive attention to every detail of your data relieves you and your staff of the tedium and indecision about your database's needs.

An onsite database administrator (DBA) can be key to your business's success by providing regular maintenance and managing new project requirements.  Unfortunately, 90 percent of this job is reactive, rather than proactive.  Deliver calculated plans to keep your database efficient are often impossible for the onsite DBA, who is often bombarded with day-to-day demands and just doesnít have the time, experience or capabilities that our DMDRS contract offers.

For small companies with no DBA or just a junior DBA, DMDRS represents peace of mind.  With DMDRS, you can rest assured that your database is in the good hands of an expert team of DBAs.



We do an initial assessment of your environment and provide recommendations on optimization and preventative maintenance.  With your authorization, we then install in your database server our suite of monitoring scripts.  Our suite of scripts generates reports that are sent to us through your enterprise mail (SMTP) server. Our automatic diagnostic interpreter receives and processes these report and alert our staff members if immediate attention is needed.  These reports are manually reviewed on a daily basis to proactively monitor cumulative issues.

We monitor diagnostics and recommend corrective action (if necessary). Our recommendations are based on many years of fielding day-to-day database procedures.  We provide our exemplary service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

DMDRS was created so that we could use our core competency to add value to your organization without your having to hire additional employees.  We have decades of years of experience with Oracle; we have direct contacts at Oracle that help us keep with the latest technology; we are more than one individual with some background in database administration; we are several highly trained individuals working for you and with you on your database needs.

Charging per hour fees for DMDRS reactive support allows us to provide you with a tremendous benefit at a reasonable cost since you do not pay for it if you do not use it. You may consider us your 24 x 7 x 365 standby DBA.



The service is available for Oracle Databases (any version) installed on Linux, UNIX or Windows.  Our services will expand to other databases, including MySQL, Sybase and SQLServer and Postgress.

You must have SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) services enabled to send messages to the internet and make it available to us.  We can help you install this service, if necessary, as part of the DMDRS reactive support.

We need you to provide us remote access (SSH) to the database servers and your signed authorization allowing us to remotely monitor and access your database via modem or internet.

You need to sign our three or six-month's contract. However, the contract may be terminated by either party after 30 days written notice is given to the other party.

Payments are due month-by-month in advance, the first month and the setup fee is due at the time of signing the contract. Setup fee is not reimbursable.

If a customer does not renew the contract in a period of 30 days after the expiration of the last contract and the customer decides he wants to renew after 30 or more days of interrupted service, the initial set up fee will be again charged as applicable to the type and number of databases.

After 60 days of default payments the service will be terminated automatically.

We aim to satisfy our customers providing then with years of experience in different types of industries. We act in good will, and we do what we consider our best judgment to benefit you. However, incidents happen, and while it is our work to do our best effort to avoid them, we are not liable for any data lost and monetary consequences that you may suffer as a result of natural forcers or human error from either part


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